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Redi Mix

We produce and deliver concrete for use in Commercial, Residential, and Industrial construction. Concrete is produced in a fully automated computerized batch plant to ensure uniform mixes. All of our raw materials meet state and federal specifications. Our delivery trucks are six and eight wheel drive units enabling access to jobs in rough terrain. However, there is a distance limit on all deliveries. Due to the short lifespan of fresh concrete, we do not accept jobs outside of a fifty mile radius from our plant located in Wells, Michigan. Bichler Concrete West located in Bark River, Michigan serves Bark River and the surrounding area in the same manner.


Both companies have various grades and mixtures of concrete such as:


 Requirements for Quality Flatwork


Don't know how much concrete you need?  Click here to use our concrete calculators.

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Concrete Building Materials

We can also supply you with accessories for concrete work.
A partial listing includes:

We also sell dry bag goods:

We can assist you in determining the correct type of concrete for your job and with figuring the correct quantity. If you have any questions about our concrete services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Gravel, Sand, and Stone 

The products we offer in this department range from clean sand for the smallest sand boxes to rip rap stone over 5 tons.


  ** Roads & Paths                                         ** Fill

   ** Landscaping Stone                                   ** Clay

   ** Rip Rap                                                     ** Screened Topsoil

   ** Specialty Sands                                         ** Septic Drainfields

 These products can be picked up at our plant in your own truck, van or trailer.

These products can also be delivered to you on our trucks. We deliver any where in the U. P. by

Single axle load (7.5 tons ~ 5yds); Tandem axle load (12.5 tons ~ 10 yds); Quad load (18 tons ~ 15 yds); or

Quad & Pup load (38 tons ~ 30 yds). Contact customer service for assistance in figuring quanity and/or converting tons to yards. There is a one-yard minimum for delivery.

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Precast Concrete Products

Precast products are a quick and easy-yet durable way to add beauty to your house and yard.  We make numerous precast products to fit your needs. For instance, if you have a back door that leads out, but there is no porch...you could place precast steps there. 

Our Precast Products:

Our decorative precast products include:

Our other precast products include:


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