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Drainfield Systems and Culverts

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Drainfield Pipe

For use in gravel bed septic drain fields.  Pallet quantity pricing also available.

Flexible Pipe

Use for de-watering around basements, etc.


ADS Bio-Diffuser Leaching Chambers

The Bio-Diffuser chamber is a gravel-less alternative for septic systems.  The design objective is to provide an open bottom and unmasked sidewall to allow effluent to flow in all directions. This has been achieved by combining the traditional, open bottom with a series of louvers along the sides.  The louvers are designed to allow effluent to pass into the backfill while preventing backfill from migrating into the chamber.  Bio-Diffuser is constructed of high density polyethylene which is inert to sewage.  Click here to visit ADS Bio-Diffuser Leaching Chambers product website. 



These are very heavy duty  plastic culverts ribbed on the outside and smooth on the inside.  They are approved by the county for use on driveways meeting county roads.  Check with the Road Commission for sizing (Usually 15" diameter minimum).

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