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Insulated Concrete Forms by Fox Blocks                                                                                                    

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Commonly known as ICF’s (Insulated concrete forms), these have recently become a very popular choice for basement and even home wall construction across the country and in the U.P. They are made of two parallel pieces of high-density polystyrene connected by plastic ties forming blocks with interlocking edges so that they can be stacked like legos. Concrete is then poured in the middle cavity producing a very strong, air-tight, and well-insulated wall. Dry wall screws can be driven into the plastic tie ends for attaching gypsum board or other items to the wall. A Fox Block wall form has an equivalent R-value of 23. A complete wall with concrete and a Fox Block form can have an effective R-value range of 30 to 50. Click here to visit Fox Blocks website.








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